Has your project been challenged by fraudulent claims? False claims on working hours, inflated overtime submissions, and workers posing as being on-site not only drain resources, but project budgets. However, facial recognition technology is proving to be a game-changer in tackling these issues head-on.

By accurately recording who is present on-site and for how long, facial recognition technology eliminates the possibility of attendance records being manipulated and ensures only authorised personnel are accounted for in project timelines and budgets. Facial recognition is particularly effective when used with turnstiles in high-traffic environments, for registering every individual passing through for accurate time and attendance records.

Whilst the impact on construction sites is obvious, fraudulent claims occur across various settings and workplaces. Large offices and other places of work who require the same meticulous attendance recording, can install facial recognition devices within entrances for the same benefits.

The comprehensive capabilities of this technology also extend to identity verification and personal protective equipment (PPE) compliance. By capturing users’ images during sign-in, these devices enable thorough audit checks, ensuring that individuals present on-site are not only authorised but also properly equipped, thereby mitigating potential safety risks and any false accusations.

To combat fraudulent claims and stop them affecting your project’s bottom line, accuracy of your information is key and our facial recognition devices provide a quick and flexible solution. Leaving absolutely no room for doubt, both you and your stakeholders can have the confidence that you’re protected against fraudulent claims.

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