Our cutting-edge Induction Manager mitigates safety risks by streamlining your organisation’s induction processes.

Benefits of our Induction Manager

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INDUCTION MANAGERstreamlining your organisation’s induction processes.

When safety, efficiency and compliance are paramount, MacRail’s induction manager ensures that every worker stepping onto your site has a comprehensive understanding of essential safety protocols. Our cloud-based and app-driven solution is designed to streamline the way your organisation approaches inductions, increasing project efficiencies and giving you better oversight with downloadable reporting.

We understand that a well-informed workforce is crucial to preventing accidents and mitigating safety risks. With MacRail’s induction manager, the induction process leaves no room for oversight, and provides a consistent approach with no risk of human error. It also ensures compliance with CDM 2015 regulations, to safeguard your workforce and operations.

With our system, your workforce can complete inductions prior to their arrival at site, boosting productivity and contributing to both cost and time savings by eliminating resource-intensive inductions. Operative profiles can include vital personal information such as employer, job role, contact details and card accreditations. 24/7 online access to induction materials and inductee profiles also allows for on-demand training and information retrieval.

The system can be branded to fit in with your organisation, and gives you the ability to upload branded documents, company videos or animations.

Our induction manager gives you more control and allows for reinforcement of safety consciousness through amber warnings and bans for repeat offenders, ultimately creating a safer and more responsible environment.

MacRail Induction Manager

Our Induction Manager software provides the perfect solution to your workforce. It not only saves you time and money by digitising numerous manual processes it also increases efficiency and productivity within your company.

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