Our unique interactive digital displays provide a dynamic platform to communicate with employees and customers

Benefits of our Digital Signage solution

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Illuminate your key messages 24/7/365 with our portable digital display solution. Our robust digital A-Boards offer a cutting-edge, reliable and versatile digital display solution to elevate your communications.

Our 43″ display, digital A-boards are a fully portable solution designed to showcase your content around the clock. Whether you’re displaying project updates or providing important information to your workforce, our A-boards deliver exceptional performance.

Our A-boards come with an IP65-rated enclosure, designed to withstand the elements and protect against wet weather conditions and airborne dust particles. The 700cd/m2 IPS panel ensures visibility in outdoor spaces, and the isolated battery housing boasts an impressive 27-hour run time, allowing you to display your content day and night without needing to recharge.

An ambient light sensor means screen brightness automatically adjusts to maximize visibility and running time. The tempered anti-glare glass on the front improves on-screen content readability by diffusing external light reflections. Our A-boards are portable and lighweight, allowing for easy transportation by one person, and the tempered glass front enhances durability by protecting internal components.

Our displays can be used to promote wellbeing content to your workers, increase engagement on-site, display project updates to your workforce, and are suitable for training sessions and informative content delivery. Whether placed inside or out, your key messages are sure to be seen by those who need to see them.

Customisation and extras are available to tailor the displays to your specific needs, just chat to the team at MacRail to dicuss your options.

Safety briefings via digital display, ensure health and safety regulations are embedded in the workforce while encouraging best practice.

Digital A boards MacRail
Digital A boards MacRail
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DIGITAL SIGNAGE- an interactive alternative

Our dynamic digital content offers a modern alternative to traditional posters and signage, capturing the attention of viewers and enhancing their engagement. Our digital signage package provides access to an extensive content library, enabling instant updates of screens from the online portal, enabling the delivery of critical messages in real-time. The screen is fully customizable, allowing for the upload of videos, posters, animations, and ticker tape messages. Cloud-based software enables the uploading of personalised content, which can be independently managed or through our managed service via our 24/7 control room.

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Our digital signage system can bring your site access points to life, providing a warm welcome to employees and customers, conveying project updates, displaying health and safety signs, promoting upcoming events, recognising employees of the month, showcasing charity campaigns, and providing wellbeing content, as well as real-time news, traffic, and weather feeds.

We adopt a technology-based approach to worksite access, which leads to cost savings and increased efficiency. Our digital briefing screen is seamlessly integrated with our facial recognition product, creating a single device that transforms the site access process. Whether it is an office location or an infrastructure site, you can now sign in multiple staff members quickly while they go through the daily health and safety content. The MacRail screen comes with all the benefits of our site access system and is fully supported by our 24/7 control room. It also digitizes the self-service site access process. With the touch screen, users can easily navigate the MacRail System to update production, report close calls, and manage their worksite.

Have a look at our facial recognition software.
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