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Our technology and innovations are the reason why we are sector-leading in our site access operations.

Our use of workforce management and industry-specific technology allows us to deliver our clients with a comprehensive, site access package from any device – smartphones to tablets to desktops.

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FATIGUE360- fatigue compliant rostering

An end-to-end fatigue risk management and job planning tool, enabling planners and rosters to monitor the fatigue of their workforce. This unique system, originally designed for the rail industry, allows worksites to plan and manage, not only working hours, but also the travel and rest periods around work shifts. The software has been developed to align with health and safety industry standards on fatigue management while displaying live fatigue and risk scores from the HSE calculator. The fatigue management system allows for actuals recorded to be fed back, enabling compliance with NWR NR/L2/OHS/003 standard. The system also enables you to effortlessly track planned versus actuals, giving you complete visibility into your workforce’s activities and ensuring industry standards are met.
MacRail Fatigue360
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MacRail Works Management- workforce management

With a cloud based interface, Worksite 360 offers a comprehensive end to end workforce management solution that grants all project stakeholders access to every aspect of a project. Featuring time and attendance records, programme management scheduling and key safety reporting statistics, our solution provides real time work site activity.
MacRail System Worksite360
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Delivery Management- dynamic site delivery management

All-in-one contractor and supplier portal that facilitates the dynamic management of site deliveries throughout the logistics life-cycle. A simple and efficient way to book, track and manage your site deliveries.
MacRail Delivery Management System
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Automated Workforce and environmental management reporting

Automated reports are a game-changer for businesses, as they provide a quick and efficient way to access critical information. Gone are the days of manually searching for data and compiling it into a presentable format. Our automated reports provide businesses with up-to-date and accurate information, freeing up valuable time and resource that can be better spent.

Below is a list of available reports

  • Weekly Close Calls
  • Weekly Labour Exceptions (rule breaches)
  • Weekly Numerical Summary of Labour Exceptions
  • Monthly Period End Supply Chain League Table Non-conformance
  • Pre-population and App/Facial Recognition Stats
  • Planned Staff Not Signed In / Unplanned Staff Signed In
  • Equipment Issued & Return Status
  • Workforce CO2 Travel Emissions & Vehicle Details
  • Automated Workforce Timesheets
MacRail automated reports

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