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Benefits of our Facial Recognition solution

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FACIAL RECOGNITIONour latest optical technology

Our cutting-edge facial recognition technology utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze an individual’s unique facial features, such as the distance between their eyes, the shape of their nose, and cheekbones, to create a digital template of their face. This template can be used to accurately and quickly identify individuals, eliminating long queues and streamlining attendance recording.

Our devices provide customizable features to prevent unauthorized site access and ensure compliance with site rules, from preventing individuals without the required rest period or induction from entering to completing a competency check during sign-in. This technology ensures that individuals present on site meet industry standards, providing a secure environment and a competent workforce, ultimately leading to improved productivity and profitability.

MacRail Facial Recognition

The contactless signing-in system seamlessly integrates with planned shifts rostered in Fatigue 360 or the MacRail App, providing a comprehensive solution for managing workforce fatigue.

The system also provides more protection against fraud as it is not possible to sign in a colleague or ask someone to sign someone out on their behalf. Facial recognition eliminates this possibility, as each individual’s face and profile is unique and cannot be replicated.

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Additionally, facial recognition can help reduce project costs by preventing fraudulent claims being submitted. False claims for hours worked, inflated overtime claims, and fictitious workers claiming to be on site are not possible through facial recognition, which accurately records who is on site and for how long. Integrating facial recognition with turnstiles also ensures that everyone passes through the time and attendance system, especially important in high-traffic environments.

Our state-of-the-art device isn’t just ideal for site locations, but also for office and various other buildings that require time and attendance recording. The device can be seamlessly linked to entrance doors to provide secure access and egress for authorised personnel, with an intercom system reporting back to our 24/7 Control Room.

Multiple devices can be linked to a single event, providing flexibility and customisability to your access control needs, whether you require entry-only, exit-only access, or both. Our device can be configured to meet your specific requirements, streamlining the access control process and enhancing the security and safety of your workplace.

In addition to time and attendance recording, the device accurately records fire registers, critical to recording who is in a building or on site at any given time. Information such as contact details is captured through an operative profile, while the facial recognition system captures the zone they are working in, providing accurate time and attendance information in real-time in the event of a fire.

The device is also equipped with a camera that captures a user’s image during sign-in, which is stored in the MacRail register. This feature enables you to conduct thorough audit checks on user identity and personal protective equipment (PPE) compliance, ensuring that individuals present on site are authorised and properly equipped, mitigating potential safety risks and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

With this advanced feature, you can instill confidence in your stakeholders that your workforce is fully compliant and adhering to best practices. Our facial recognition technology offers an unparalleled level of visibility and control, empowering you to make informed decisions, optimise workforce management, and ultimately enhance productivity and profitability.

Our Facial Recognition biometric software provides the perfect solution to your workforce. It not only saves you time and money by digitising numerous manual processes it also increases efficiency and productivity within your company.

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