Before working with MacRail, we needed a system which helped us to manage the attendance and fatigue of TRU East colleagues. The MacRail system has been a fantastic solution and brilliantly supports our colleague’s fatigue and data management. By using the latest in facial recognition technology, their Site Access Control service has provided a quick way for our personnel to clock in and out of site whilst providing accurate and reliable timings. The facial recognition system has also enabled more efficient signing in and out for our office staff.

In regard to project health and safety compliance, this system provides support for the fatigue management of our personnel, fire safety and the general management of our team’s wellness and wellbeing. The data we are receiving is now used to report on attendance rates and used to support our SHEQ reporting systems on fatigue. The facial recognition technology integrates with time and attendance software to transfer the data seamlessly and has increased the reliability of data collection.

There have been many aspects of working with MacRail that have exceeded our expectations, but above all, we are continually impressed with the positive attitude shown by the MacRail team, whether carrying out SAC or other duties. We would highly recommend their reliable service to others. It has absolutely made a positive impact on our project and ultimately enhanced our data.

Transpennine Route Upgrade (TRU East Alliance)