We chose Fatigue360 for its ease of use and digital capabilities, which fulfilled our company’s requirements. The system removes the need for our colleagues to manually complete and submit timesheets for monitoring, and allows accurate monitoring of hours and risks to the business through the in-built risk matrix. We can also now track door-to-door with a function that utilises Google Maps.

If we were to choose a favourite part of the system, it would be the dashboards that we find very user-friendly. The easy set-up of the system also allowed us to tailor our roles and competencies specifically to our business operations. A brilliant feature of the app also worth mentioning is the ‘sign-out’ reminder phone call.

With Fatigue360, we have been able to save several hours per week in admin time when compared to using a manual HSE calculator, and as a company with around 60 users, the MacRail app saves the business up to 30 hours a week. Both F360 and the app help with our compliance to the NR/L2/OHS/003 standard and we have been made more aware of potential exceedances in our planning.

We would absolutely recommend this service to others, and highly rate both the onboarding process and ongoing support from the MacRail team.

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