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Providing dynamic, cutting-edge technology to improve productivity and worksite management

We provide cutting-edge technology and robust hardware that delivers tools and solutions to improve productivity and worksite management for everyone in the construction business.

Our years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry means that we can offer a one-stop shop for all your worksite management needs, from site access control, site attendance and time keeping to health and safety on site, online briefings, digital signage and fatigue management.

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Each one of our solutions is designed to digitise a process and streamline time-consuming tasks to save you time and money and improve site safety and productivity.

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Biometric Solutions

Our biometric hardware and applications including facial recognition accurately records time and attendance whilst keeping your site safe and compliant.

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Software Solutions

Our technology and innovations are the reason why we are sector-leading in our site access operations.

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Site Access Personnel

Our multi skilled site access personnel provide you with a cost-efficient worksite, whilst ensuring safety and compliance is enforced.
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Site Set-up & Welfare

Providing your complete worksite solution, allowing you to take care of project delivery whilst we manage your site access.
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Control Room Solutions

Providing a unique, 24/7 solution to assist your business with safety, security and compliance while being a cost-effective solution to reduce your labour requirements.
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Digital Signage Solutions

Bespoke digital communication for all worksite staff and contractors

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